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Best Rental Agent in KW area

0% vacancy rate last 3 years,

No bounced/missing rent

  • To advertise the availability of the property in the manner the Agent deems to be  the most efficient; perform detailed documentation of the property 

  • Handle showings, assist in writing applications and leases.

  • Sign, renew, or cancel leases or agreements as necessary in order to represent the owner in the best way possible

  • Run credit checks, including performing a background check to verify identity, income,  occupation, credit history, and rental history of the tenants

  • Show the house and complete a checklist regarding property conditions when tenants move in.

  • Inspect the house and fill out a report on the property's condition again when the  tenants move out

  • Profit maximization and cost minimization

24-hour emergency telephone hotline,

 0% complain from tenants over 5 years

  • Reliable subcontractor (plumbing, electricity, renovation, roofing, painting, etc), all subcontractors hold required license and insurance.

  • Minor reparation with 48 hours

  • Coordination of repairs and maintenances

Quickest Response

  • home safety inspection (fire/ carbon monoxide alarm, electricity, plumbing, gas,   safety hazard, lease violation)

  • Cleanliness Inspection

  • To handle complaints and problems arising from the tenancy

Regular Professional Inspection

  • Provide and email monthly and annual statements to the Owner on a timely manner.

  • Deposit all rentals to the Owners bank account upon receiving the payments on behalf of the Owners within 7 days.

  • To maintain accurate records of all money received and disbursed in connection  with its management of said property and such records shall be open for inspection  by owner at all reasonable times; scan and email all info to the Owner

Itemized monthly reporting


Address: Unit 101, 188 King St N, Waterloo, ON



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