Most Frequently Asked Questions


1.1 How do I schedule a viewing?

      You can call our Rental Hotline at 229-978-0101 or email Most of time we need minimum 24-48 hours’ notice to our current tenants for viewings.


1.2 If I couldn’t come how do I cancel a viewing?

       Please call 226-978-0101 or email to cancel your viewing, in as much advance as you can.


1.3 Can I lease as an individual?

       For our apartments, both individuals and groups are welcome. Our houses are only open to groups.


1.4 What’s the leasing procedure?

    After in-person touring/online viewing, if you are interested to move forward, please reach us at 226-978-0101 or to make a reservation. Your legal name, email address and phone number is needed to create a lease. Last month rent deposit and a $200 refundable key deposit need to be paid to secure the room under your name.


1.5 What documents are needed to complete a signing?

       Here is a checklist for you. You can click here to view all the templates.

  1. Last month rent and $200 refundable key deposit have to be paid in cash or through email-transfer

  2. Information Form

  3. Lease (by all of you if are signing as a group)

  4. Your Government ID

  5. Guarantor Form

  6. Your Guarantor’s Government ID

  7. Pre-authorized Debit Form/Post-dated Cheques


1.6 Why do I need to submit a guarantor form?

       It means that if a lease holder does not pay the rent, the landlord can contact your guarantor. Your guarantor is subject to the same legal requirements to pay for the rent and any damage that occurs. A guarantor has to be an adult and a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

1.7 Do you assign rooms?

       We assign rooms for our apartments. For our houses, tenants can assign rooms among themselves.


1.8 How should I pay my rent?

       HRS Property accepts PAD form (you can download here) or post-dated cheques.


1.9 Can I sublet my room?

      Yes. We need you complete a sublet form (you can click here to download a template) and send to Also, HRS requires a copy of their government ID (tips: the health card is not considered as government ID), student ID and their contact information to be approved. Please remember, you’re still the lease holder, you still have to pay the rent. 

1.10 Will you help with sublet and/or lease takeover?

        On our website, there is a sublet form template for you to modify and use. We can offer some subletting tips if needed. You can click here to be added onto our list. We can forward your contact information to the interested parties if any. However, the tenants are responsible for finding a sublet and/or lease takeover. Being on our list does not guarantee a lead and/or a signing. We do not offer viewings and advertisement to help you sublet out your place.


1.11 If I'm in an all-female OR all-male unit can I sublet to a member of the opposite sex?

         No. Unless, you talk to your roommates and get it in writing that this is acceptable.


1.12 Someone wants takeover my lease, what should I do?

         There is a $175 admin lease transfer fee. Please email We need to check the qualification of the new tenant. Once it's approved, we will start a lease takeover process. Before you release your contract, your replacement must send all paperwork and payments.

1.13 Are your places pet-friendly?

         No. We do not welcome pets in our premises.

1.14 What is your smoking rule?

        Indoor smoking are not allowed in our premises. Smoking on our balconies or within 5 meters of our buildings might result in a fine.


1.15 Do I need to purchase tenant insurance?

         We encourage tenants to purchase insurance, in the case of a flood or fire. 

1.16 What's the move-in process? 

     We will send out move-in instruction emails before your move-in. You can also click here to download a general instruction.

1.17 What should I do if I have conflicts with roommates?

        We would recommend you have a open and honest conversation among roommates. You can click here to download a roommate agreement template. Unfortunately, we are not school residency and we cannot govern your roommates' behaviors. 


2. Deposit

2.1 What is a last month rent deposit?

     The Residential Tenancies Act is quite clear about allowing the landlord to require a tenant to pay a last month rent deposit. This means that a landlord can refuse to rent out an apartment to a tenant who does not want to put down a last month rent deposit.  The last month rent deposit will be used for the rent for the last month before your tenancy ends.


2.2 Why I need to pay a key deposit?

      In Ontario, key deposits are legal. Keys/locks are made to order, and if the key is lost OR negligent used, it's expensive to replace, that's why landlord ask the deposit. 


2.2 How can I get my key deposit back?

       Your key deposit will be refunded as a cheque. It will be ready for pick-up or mailing within 30 days after your lease ends.


3. Lock

3.1 What if I get myself locked out of the suite?

       Please check with your roommates first if they can open the unit door for you. If you are locked out of your own bedroom, please contact us at or 226-978-0101.


3.2 What if I lost my key?

       Step 1. Send an email to to report the issue

       Step 2. The HRS office will send over a key waiver, you and all other roommates have to sign on the waiver.

      Step 3. You may need to pay a replacement fee starting from $40 and your key will be ready for pick-up in the office in a few days.


4. Parking

4.1 Is there parking?

     There is no visitor parking at any of our buildings. Please ensure that guests find proper parking accommodations that follow the city by-laws. There is residential parking for our tenants. Parking permit can be acquired after signing a parking agreement and the parking fee being paid.


4.2 How should get a parking spot?

      You can click here to download a parking agreement to reserve and pay for parking as needed. Parking is limited and it is first come first serve. If all parking spots are reserved, your parking agreement will not be accepted and your funds will be fully refunded.


5. Maintenance

5.1. How to file a maintenance request?

        You can click here to file a maintenance request.

5.2 What is in move-in package and what should I do after I move out?

       In move-in package you will receive your key(s) and/or code, Move-in checklist must be completed and submitted within 48 hours of receiving keys. If you not submitted to us within 48 hours, it will be assumed that everything in the unit and room in good condition without any damages.


5.3 Light bulb and clogging issue

       Any light bulb and clogging issue caused by negligent use are tenants’ responsibility.  


5.4 Emergency

       We have 24 hours hotline at 226-978-0101. However, only call for emergency which may lead to injury and/or damage to the property. In case of fire or break in. Please contact 911 directly.

5.5 Noise complaint

       To make a noise complaint, please call 519-570-9777 and Waterloo Noise Complaint office will dispatch an officer to take care of your case.

6. How my Wifi works?

    If you are a tenant at 188 King street North, 78 Seagram, 325 Lester, your WIFI is provided by Cloudwifi. They can be reached at 519-957-1942 or

     If you are a tenant at 110 Columbia, then your internet provider is COMU under Rogers. Give them a call at 888-862-4750 if you experience any internet issues.

     If you are a tenant at 81 Columbia, 330 Spruce, 350 Lester, your WIFI is provided by Tricity. They can be reached at 519-722-9434.

     If you are a tenant from  other properties,  please contact us at


7. How should I set up my hydro?

     In order to set up your hydro, you will need to contact with Waterloo North Hydro (WNH). Please be advised that account number and meter number is not needed. You will have them after your account is opened and activated. Give WNH a call at 519-886-5090 to open a file.

Still have a question?

Give us a call at 226-978-0101 or email us at (general questions) or (leasing inquiries).