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Waiting List for Sublet and/or Lease Takeover
What are you looking for?
Would you like to offer incentives for others to take your place?

Terms and Conditions *

1. I understand that it is my responsibility to find a sublet and/or lease takeover. By submitting this form, I give permission to HRS Property Management to release my contact information to the interested parties as a courtesy. HRS Property shall not be held responsible for finding a person to take my place.

2. I understand that HRS Property Management will put me on a waiting list. It is first come first served. HRS Property Management may work on the first-comers and my place may not be introduced to interested parties due to the workload.

3. I understand that HRS Property Management should not be responsible for any leakage or misuse of my personal information by any other parties.

4. I understand that HRS Property Management shall not be held responsible if I decide to sign a sublet/lease takeover contract with the parties recommended by HRS Property.

5. I understand that HRS Property Management reserve the rights to refuse a request for sublet and/or lease takeover if the interested party is not qualified to take over a lease/sublease.

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